Linksys Router: Restore Factory Setting Steps

You can always reset your Linksys router into the default factory setting once you don’t like the current setting now. There are two different ways you can do it. The first way is perfect for those who forgot the username and password that’s been set. The second one is the easiest if your full intent is to reset to factory setting.

Steps using Reset Button

  1. Be certain that your router is plugin and attached to the power. Look into the back and lower part of the router and look for the “Reset” button. The button is notable for its intent and recessed by way of a small hole to avoid injuries of resetting it.
  2. You may use a straightened out paper clip or any pointed materials and thrust the Reset button up until the power light starts off blinking. The procedure will be performed in 10 seconds and for older modems may take 30 seconds.
  3. In that case, discharge the button and hold off until the light will cease from blinking. If ever the light will never stop from flashing after 60 seconds of removing it, you’ll have to continue right away to the next step.
  4. Disconnect the wireless router with the electric power cable for around 30 seconds and next plug it once more. A brand-new model of Linksys routers does not actually need this method even so it won’t trigger problems for try. Your router now has finally been totally reset to the default factory setting up and prepared for a new configuration.

Steps in Resetting from Computer

  1.  Simply key in your browser IP. Key in the username and password you will have created. If you ever never set, just keep the username blank and input “admin” on password field.
  2. Go to “Administration” tab after which, just pick “Factory Defaults” on the sub-tab.
  3.  And lastly, click the “Restore Factory Defaults” key and also your router will reset.