About Jetnet American Airlines

The www.jetnet.aa.com is owned by the American Airlines company that is for their employees and contractors to use. The website can be accessed anytime and anywhere using your own user ID and password. How to obtain it? You have to register your employee or contractor number. In this way, you can see your own AA flight services, employment details obtained only on HR and the 401k Super Saver. Not only the employees are allowed to access, the retired or ex- employees and contractors can also access the website. If you want information regarding your employment, you will no longer go to the HR department instead just login to the website.

Background about the Company

The company is from the United Stated which is based in Fort Worth, Texas. The air passenger service company is serving both the domestic and international flights. The Skytrax had rated them 3 stars which has two affiliates such as American Eagle and American Connection.

What are the Steps to Register?

  1. Before you start registering, you need to have two things first. One, a computer and internet connection. Then, you have your own employee or contractor number.
  2. Now when you have them, you need to head out at the website’s URL in jetnet.aa.com.
  3. Once you are on the page, locate the “Login Help” and press it.
  4. You will be asked by your Employee or Contractor number and you must provide it. Do not forget to click “Submit” link.
  5. Create your own user ID and password now. These details must be unique and secured enough.
  6. Answers the security questions given by the website and click “Finish” once you are done.
  7. Do not forget to review the “Terms of Use Agreement”.

You can now use your account after you are done with the last step.