Steps in Opening an Account with Chase Bank

Today life becomes easier because of the automatic system that most companies applied on their services. One prominent service is the online banking on Chase, with a website of, which enables the people to track their money easily. Instead of going to the bank to check their wealth, you can do the activity at home. There are more beneficial services that clients can experience with this bank. This made their life easier instead of running an errand to the bank and wait on the long line. If you are interested on how to open an account with this bank and enjoy their online service, continue reading this book.

  1. Look for the closest branch you can find around your area. You can search over the internet for the branch. You can look here in
  2. Make sure that your documents are ready to be presented on the bank which includes valid identification card (employee’s ID, SSS or any government ID), photo and your proof of residency (utility bills or any mail that is named to you).
  3. While on the bank, you will be assisted on a bank personnel which will discuss with you the three types of account offered to their individual clients. You can ask for help on what kind of account fits to you. The three accounts are the Premier Checking, Student Banking and Better Banking Checking.
  4. After you have chosen the type of account you will open, pay your initial deposit which is a minimum of 25 dollars. You will receive your temporary debit card and check. In 10 business days checkbook will be mailed to you.
  5. Now you can connect your account online and start online banking and availing any service that you are qualified.

These are the simple steps that you should take note when you want to open an account with Chase bank. You can enjoy many services in Chase now like the Chase auto loan.