Bank of America: How to Register Online?

If you already have opened an account, you can create an online membership where you can manage your money and other transactions anytime and anywhere. It will not be a hassle on your part because you can check your balance anytime, send money to other account numbers and even enrol to other products of the bank. You can read more here at The process is very easy as long as you have your own email address working.

In this article, you will learn how register online.

  1. You have to head to the website on this bank at Try to look for the “Enroll Now” web page link which is certainly situated on the left side of the page after which simply click it. It’s easy to begin to build your account online.
  2.  You have to add the information demanded on the website. It is advisable to opt for your state. Then, pick the type of account you wish to apply such as Bofa edd debit card and then click the “Continue Enrollment”. When you decide the “Bank of America Credit Card”, supply your credit card details.
  3. You have to supply your Social Security System number, the account number which you have on the bank, your present and established email address and also language choice you need.
  4.  You choose to review the agreement first of all before you can accept by checking the checkbox. You should again hit the “Continue Enrollment” to process the info and create your own private account at this moment.
  5. Just check your email a couple of minutes for your password to be sent on your email. You can edit your password as soon as you have your password.

Make sure you do not have to share your username or password to others. As much as possible keep it to yourself to avoid being hacked.