Columbia: Route to Latin America

One of the best countries in Latin America is Columbia. Almost all places there are decorated to bring liveliness and some even played Salsa music on the background. There is a particular restaurant in Columbia which has this one where you examine the food and when you order a sexy waitress will approach you and say “what would you like to drink, my love?”

You can Columbian with unique salutations such as “mi vida” and “mi amor” as the usual ones. The salutations mean “my darling” and “my love”. For them, these greetings are not unusual anymore since you might hear them on a sexy young woman and on an old 60 years old seller on every place. If you are new on the place you find it hard to response when you come across these greetings. You might even think of it as a game.

Many may not know but Columbians are just polite people. They greet most of the people with respect calling them “Senor” and “Senora”. They are more respectful more than any countries in South America. On most Spanish countries, “Senora” is used only for married and elder women and “senorita” is for everyone. But isn’t it nice when you can be called “Senora” in this country?

You can make friends easily on this country, but you should pay close attention for those people who are real and fake ones. There are street vendors who may call you “Amigo” and engaged you on a conversations but only try to sell you things. They may sometimes be annoying and persistent so you can buy something on them. You can get the entire impression of the country when you get there and explore the places of Columbia.

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